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Thursday, October 28, 2010

你讲咩啊?( available in English version )


我不知道他回的内容在暗示什么哦。。。。。。 你讲咩jek ????

难道我真的会score? 阿弥陀佛咯。。。。不可思议。。。不可思议。。。

今天很累咯。。 我的腰要断了。。。。。(看到这个真应景)

没有做很多,比平时少"一点 "...........可是跑来跑去,又洗,又抹,又泡,又煮。。。。。。。 重复又重复。。。。 我的右肩,手臂已经很强壮了。。。 拜托。。。。我不想要鸳鸯手臂。。。

晚上,我的组友被疑似老鼠吓到 (不想想太多)。。。我们有几快就几快地把东西做好,剩下的就丢在桌上,立刻关灯,锁门,上车,闪人 !



实在是不可多得的回忆。。。。。虽然很害怕,可是又好像很刺激。。。 哈哈。。。

Because I have time, although I have to wake at 7AM later ... to reach to lab at 8 AM, I shall translate into English.

Title : What you said aa ???

my lecturer replied my email last 9 .... it was funny that usually we mailed him very urgent or important things he rarely replied..... but in this mail, simply about craps .. but he replied... we were once doubted that his mail address not in function ... now we know , it never ... he just READ all the time, laugh in front of his monitor .. and that's all ....

Yet, I dont understand what he replied ... his statements... my antenna severely spoil.. I don't get what he replied.... most of the time .. actually most of the time i did not know what my sv trying to say .. and my male groupmate would said i was not paying attenttion or i'm deaf .. haha i really did not get what your all taking about mahhh ...

( Does he hints I will score his paper ? WOW!!!! ---- simply self-interpretation & my imagination & law of attraction ...)

I need to pray hard then .... because I hentam the paper like shit .... It would be surprising and thanksgiving if I scored it... hahahahahahah let's see ~

I AM so Exhausted today  !!! My right body side seems slight paralyzed and my BACK PAIN is BACK !!

(And then , I saw this ...... I think it's time for me to take .. hahah )
In fact, not as many as samples like usually , but today worked very fast since we are lack of time, as holiday is coming and nobody gonna open the lab ...

Night time, we were scared by an "unidentified object" , we assumed is mice, in fact I heard nothing but my groupmate said the mice is kicking the cabinet ( how could we know the mice is kicking ?? by it's left leg ? or right leg ??? ) I have no idea ... I don't scared by the mice, but my groupmate ...

then we worked RAPIDLY !  cleared everything, left the things on the table ( as tomorrow we will be the most early person who reach there too ), switch off the power, locked the door, get into car,  and GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight seems a bit silent, maybe is exam season ....

Came back and read supervisor's reply ..... take adavantage to get manja from him ..... as we've informed him that we 2 will work tonight .... really .. only we 2 ... unbelievable .. how do we did it ?? ahahaha 8AM - 930PM ..... except 1 hr lunch time , we stayed in this lab for all time. I have agar smell and microb smell and dettol smell only . My coursemates complained they have fishy smell where they worked in meat lab .... hahah .. just right besides our lab ....

Day time is nice... as we can hear they fight, shout, scream from their lab .. because we couldn't talk in our lab during our work to prevent contamination all time .. we look serious in our lab all time ..... simply ... we cannot speak .. hahhahaha

To9 is a memorable night and day of thesis life .... Although sounds scary , yet it's exciting .... lolsss

Gonna reach lab at 8 AM again .. never ever hardworking like this la.... WAKE AT AM aaa .............. really killing me ... .

p/s : I couldn't PPS in the lab just now and I almost fall asleep ...  too bad... can they improve the internet speed ? it's 4G tech now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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