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Sunday, October 17, 2010

i vIsited to pacific coffee @ Fahrenheit88

Finally, I visited to it (PCC) ~ lalalala .... was fed up doing my paper writing ... got to Fahrenheit88 & had a short window shopping at sgWang awhile ago ..

Stepped into Chapter 8 boutique just next to PCC , as I could see alots of people curious about it ..

Well .. the price... basically I saw the range are from RM40 up to RM 179.xx .... shirts ONLy .. i saw the brand of di.. ma . mo ...ops .. cant recall at all.. but is simply a normal shirt of that brand ... about RM 4x something ..

for RM179 or RM 17x something .. are t shirt from the brand of WOW, Jay (这也) ... Stage .... so What's the difference ? I think the material is better... it's thick ( but I have a feeling of hot/==""") ... and their design .. emm ... personally I have no idea about it but I definitely won't buy ...

ordered a Mochacino .. Was struggling to order my favourite Latte ~ but tonight is my another unsleepable night ... gotta increase the dosage of caffeine .. since I'm now lepak-ing @ here and my works are waiting me to go back...

I want to runaway from all that ... give me MANY breaks...not just A break... hehehehehe ....

Passed by UniqLo !!!!!!!!!!!! I can see most of the items are on the racks .. can't wait the day to come .. who wants to be the early bird with me ?? I wanna grab the tShirt ..

A dance team in a local dance competition show ... As I don't know who the hell are they initially (in the end I still don't know) ... just lay back here and simply captured ..

once I entered the mall, they had the game competition ... DOta .... after the game, I met few guys who jz finished from there in PCC ... and ? One of the guys managed to have his Free drinks ( which costs him laess than RM10) ..lols.. why ? because he won in a game , and worth for RM10.00. IF he ordered the more expensive1 , his game just made him pay lesser.. lol

A buddy of mine is shopping at TImesSquare.. totally forgot that he is currently in KL !!!

WELL !~ the next gathering shall come .... I miss you guys ..

I need to go back during nov or early DEc......any sponsorship for my ticket?

spotted this at car park ... 


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