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Monday, May 16, 2011

End of the life of Thesis


as in my every post label related to thesis, i labelled them " the life of thesis" , and it was officially ended on last Monday, 9 May 2011.

And I just realized there were 104 entries for that and it has the highest number of posts.

The 1st entry of this label was this, yet the 1st day of the life began is this , the day we were being assigned to the supervisor respectively.

From deciding thesis's title, prepare proposal, presenting proposal, getting apparatus and chemicals, start enter to lab, having unpredictable difficulties in labworks, analyzing data, repeat experiment, finalize result, thesis writing, prepare for final exam, waiting for viva ( could be the most miserable for some who unluckily get "killer" examiners, and thesis submission.

It took 10 months, from July 2010 to May 2011.

Before it began, I seeked for advises from seniors, graduated friends, etc , on how they survived from thesis. I think most people who never experience this have no idea what kind of life is this and what they gonna do.

And finally, I survived, nicely. Thanks for the 金句 《船到桥头自然直》 .  Actually I am person who like to prepare and planned well everything before I execute, I need to confirm once I start to do it, i will get the expected outcome. Of course in some extent we need to know how to act too in case any unexpected or deviations happend, but never do things without proper planning .

I just realized the viva was ended only 11 days ago.... I feel I was very far away from the date ... perhaps I was too busy on last week, yet ended up nothing was gained.

At this moment, I am jobless... lols ..... I did not apply any job, and in fact I don't know what I wanna do ...  You may say this is called aggressive-less, or my family is too rich , etc .. I know this is how the people look at me...

and the top questions I get up to this moment is :

" Have you get a job ? " / " what's your next plan ? " / " where do you work "

I : I do not find any job

They: Why ?

I: ( speechless )

I am person who seek the balance of life and career. Yet some people perceived this kind of people is job-picky, lack of awareness of the market competition etc ...There is typical view of human being on this earth. We were borned, we learnt to walk, talk, write, went to kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, university, work, marriage and die.

Why can't we learn from traveling/wandering/culture?  why we must score 100/100 in school ? when we score 90/100, people said we aren't good. When we did mistakes, people labelled we are problematic students etc etc ...  why must fresh graduates work immediately after they finish final exam ?A working life brings new life experience, but a working life is not short, it can be up to the day you retired , 60/65 or longer ? from 24 to 70 y/o.

I believe everyone seek for a job which can fulfill our expectation but this does not happen in real. Don't you ?

But please never ever compare your "expectation" to mine . You may endure a job of working 7 days a week/ traveling 3 hours daily to your company/ with underpaid salary/ working in field you dislike but with higher pay, etc etc .....

This is your expectation of your life and your career, not mine.

I am at the junction of my life, I'm still exploring .

The 1st trip will be start on next week, Hong Kong, ngo lei la~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Doing my shopping list.. oh no ... XD ..... seriously i am looking for Disneyland companion ! lols

and later will go home for some time .

can't believe i am that fast to submit ...
sincere dedications .. 


I still remember a professor said in a subject during 1st semester that she couldn't understand why the seniors need to acknowledge those lab assistants in long paragraph ...
If we are in advance countries or universities which have good lab facilities and fund, I guess they deserved to be acknowledged. and here I would said these named staffs I acknowledged, atleast they'd made my thesis life ended "not too bad". Lack of facilities and fund in our department made everyone of us suffered, we were helpless, even many times of complaints to sv, but none can be blamed because money does not drop from the sky. The most lucky group would be those under supervisors having grant and they did title related to that grant. The unlucky group would be those who get supervisors who are serious and cool or grantless ( grant less sv like who ? ... ehem .. ) .

Yet i feel lucky because the toughest time for me was we couldn't enter lab during non-working hours. And as i know, it maybe only happens in UKM, Malaysia. The so-called new regulations they claimed undergraduate should not enter lab since our project is like tiny shit ... but somehow some research graduates having same problem too.. Anyhow, I would said this problem is just like "a uncurable poison" ,which is the human's attitude, can't help. 
The lucky thing is I had a dedicated sv. More than 1month, included the whole sem break, 7 days a week, as early as 7 am, during weekend, without the help of the supervisor I would not confident with my result. Therefore in the 1st paragraph I stated  " his patience is appreciated ". I guess he never did the same for the past 10 years as an undergrad thesis supervisor. 
did 3 copies.. very pricy because many color printing and my sv said investment for wealth. .. 
"my wealth" now is in the cabinet.
basically the cover is RM12 per book . If the title contains italics words like microbe names etc.. 
RM 1 extra charged > RM 13 
so I spent, RM 28.50 color printing ( 1 set ) +
1st set black color printing RM 10 ( 10cents per black color printing ) +
photocopies of black copies, ( 2nd and 3rd set )  9.60  +
cover RM 12x 3copies
can't believe i did it .... like a dream....... 


Daphne Tey said...

The thesis topic is assigned by lecturers or we find it ourselves?

Barbie @ eSter said...

there is a coordinator of the subject,latihan ilmiah , a lecturer

Daphne Tey said...

That means we do not have to search our thesis tittle by ourselves like other course did loh?

Barbie @ eSter said...

yup .... will assigned to lecturers randomly

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