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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A night to be remembered forever

date : 25 Feb 2011
venue : Prescott Hotel kajang ballroom

too tired .. post for photos which do not need to edit .. hehe

read more (i have solo photo with my SV .. hehe ) >>
 the hall

 souvenirs dedicated by juniors ~ *muacks*

performers : left to right
su li, christine, lik hang
arrival of my "adik" .. 
  the so-called extinct spesies in Food Science .. one was missing .. 
 so good to be junior ! - 1st year 
but none of them drank with me ==" sad nia ... 555555555 
2nd year
solo with my brother
the lecturer
opening ceremony by PM Dr. Rusli, President of PPSKTM

the lecturer presenting 
 ms.Su Li
 mr. ooi
 ms. fong
sweet sweet corn soup
 my least this year i have enough food to eat ..
 the food .. no refill when we finished .. lol 
( my boss : tak sedapp .. )
i : nx time i belanja u 5 stars hotel lo ..

more photos to be uploaded ! stay tuned ! 

CLick to PArt 2 ~~~ >>> 


Daphne Tey said...

The AJK really done a good job! This is really so called Course night! Too bad that we cant join~

Barbie @ eSter said...

dap : yeah ... i hope next yr still can attend =D

Dip.E said...

yeerrrrrr... it seem to be so enjoyable!! Jealous!! hng!

Barbie @ eSter said...

yup.. the juniors did excellent .... nvm .. u'll have it next year same time also !! haha must go ok ?!

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