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Thursday, October 21, 2010

the miserable weeks ~ rescued by them .. thanks Money

 In the past few weeks, were really hectic miserable weeks .... nothing much to busy but time is just not enough for me to get everything done ...

And I've ignored my top to toe ..... luckily .. SOS I found them .... which help me to look "soulfully"

the fake eyelashes .. It helps a lot , when your eyes are swollen or you didn't sleep for night ..
A good "eye mask" for you to cheat others' eyes.. 

sleeping masks !!!!!!!!
I found that my face is really super dehydrated .. 
water bank series is just merely maintain the water level but not boosting the water holding capacity..
thus I need the perfect renew ! yes !! my skins is aged ! i need renew it !! 
it is advisable to apply 2-3 weekly of the item respectively .
but me ??
I use them alternatively every night .. muahaha ...
i think do not really bring any adverse effects ...
just your wallet going to empty ~~
i'm going to purchase them in short time ~ 
anyone wanna join me for bulk purchase ? 
contact me asap ~~ hehe 

 oh no ~~~  the eye , the eyes !!!! 
our eyes just too pity .. we only use our mouth to eat when we hungry .... 
but our eyes ... have no choice.. they only rest when our body rest ..
and we always dont rest ..lols 

my hair my hair my hair !!! aRGH!! ~~~~~~~
I need to blow my hair daily ..
it's now damn damn so frizzy ... basically this mask doesnt help at all ...
but .. since is FOC .. okay ..... just do it ... 
I was regret that during the last beauty at klcc I didn't buy the nutrient water for hair ends..
haissssssssssssssssss ... gonna go to sgwang to get them ...

this is the FOC mask which costs RM 100 per piece .... instant rehydrate your face !!!
I & my coursemate so so reluctant to use ...
As I do my lab in microb lab .. I keep washing my hands.....
and my hands ended up .........
like .... T,T.... 
and this save me .. 
although is a body lotion

I bought this .... as my personal antibac hand wash liquid .. hehehe ...
with extra moisturizing ... 


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