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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A night to be remembered forever - Part 2

too many photos to be shared from here . So I make it another part =) ..

might not own the best video quality ... 
but the greatest effort done by the juniors .. this guy & this girl 
ops.. i also do not know them well but definitely the guy in the clip was impressive .. hahah 

DInner's introduction video clip


2nd year
1st year

Dr. comel ~

 Dr. Mamot
Dr. Maaruf 
kak mala, the most appreciated & respected Food Science staffs
Dr. Rusli & Dr. Razalee ( right ), consultant of the dinner
Mohd. Akmal Bin Kamaruddin, representing the final year students
2nd year students & committee

i am rich ! i was so nervous with all these money ..haha
i did not know how much i have
keep counting my money to compete the bid with my boss ..
 hahah ! i was hyper

king of the night , En. Johar - staff category

king & queen of the night - student category 
~ abang akmal & kak wani ~
with dr. Mohd Khan & Dr. Mamot ... 

En. Talhal, staff & Kak Rohmi , Chocolate lab officer (right)
we LOVE Mr.Vincent CHan Yun Sheng ! hahaha ...
 the only chinese guy on the night .. 
he was so enjoyed

 Puan Zalifah .. she took long time to reach her car .. 
  with Dr. Wan Aida ... our "flavourite" lecturer .. hee
  12 of us 
the power of girls !!

my collection !!!!! 
my 3rd party + 
always sit behind me during final exam + 
same mentor with me + 
we talk about beauty all time+ 
my 3rd party's lover
   he is "extra" & we are "handed"

stay tune for better shot as I asked him : dr. pls tukar pose siikit !

 haha... i am his mentee as well .. 
and my friend asked : dr, do you remember me ? 
lolx ~~~~
so nice ~~ 
( "adik", i think we can have another "adik perempuan")

with my dear sv (after snapped several times) ..
 he purposely wear lousily as i reminded him better &
sms that he was not coming while he was walking upstair ..
beh tahan ><" super hiao
( he was counting his money ==)
the money !
 i was so rich ..  & i was damn excited holding the money
(p/s: I am jutawan !!! )
  I bidded this last item to him during the night at RM100000 !!  
he was so excited as well.. haha
 cheng hoong
 su zen ..very cute girl 
 jocelyn .. ughh .. this photographer...
des... this is the best photo i have with u .. finally
beh tahan this 2 persons ..... 

my sv stayed until last.. he was exhausted & got many souvenirs 
the team ! * APPRECIATE *

in fact, i was exhausted too ... not manage to take photo with every coursemate and juniors ... So everybody please come to my convo & take photo with me okayyy ???~~~~!! 

btw, have planned to start taking the pre-graduation photo next week . 1st point, FST !! Be prepared to dress well daily as you might meet me accidentally so we can snap some photos ... haha  


LayMin said...

walao... so many photos that din show up at facebook there d... wei.. i want the photos~ ^^

ashraf said...

thx sis :)

Barbie @ eSter said...

laymin : i grabbed from fb wor .. not my camera .. my camera got i n my boss only .. hahaha .. will keep update .. i want vincent's camera photos la...... !!

ashraf ; u're welcome =D ~

LayMin said...

You took vincent photos le ma? i want it too~ haha!

Barbie @ eSter said...

yupp.... ~

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