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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A gift to give

i heard a new lecturer came in last day .. i think this is an indication that
another lecturer is going to quit from his job, replaced by the new lecturer ..

in fact, people are excited with the new comer, but i just feel a lil' down for the leaving-soon lecturer ... it is not a long time that we've spent, but we appreciate what he gives ...

fortunately, in my last year, we have the chance to have a nice lunch with the lecturer, a lunch without academic concerns, without foodscience knowledge, but about life.

In the last year of undergraduate, lecturers keep talking about life. And we all confused about life. life is full of uncertainties, the branches of life . This lecturer talks about how to create the life; meanwhile my sv talks about how to build up your life, he always complains he has no life ... i wonder, what life they mean.


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