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Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm just as busy as usual

Yesterday early morning, was raining lightly. I reached to my faculty around 8am .. and the lab had opened , by my groupmate. I went up to take our media, and met with seniors. Later, my supervisor had reached. And he asked: Busy arh ???

I was not ready and did not know what to reply. I said: Dr., tonight we gonna stay late oo .... He: ooo .. yakah .. ic ... then he was heading to his room.
I was not ready to reply, am I busy. Because, it seems I am busy, yet , I've get used to it.

So, at night, after stayed late in the lab, I emailed to my supervisor.

" Dr., I am not busy ! I'm just as busy as usual.............. muahahahahahaha .........."

Was abit ki siao this week as the days are full with schedule and plannings... figures and counts... But everything should be done until next week and will proceed to the next stage.. phiewsss ..... another tough stage coming, although everybody said: " THAT'S EASY ! " ...

Well, it is easy,after once, twice, 3x, 10x, 30x of failures. I know... I'm going to be a Professional baker after 2 months.... lolsss ......................... I hope my supervisor does not throw my buns on his table. It is soft bun, not ping pong or stone ........... heheheheeh

I thought it is late now, 2AM ? 3AM ? it's 12 AM!!! YahuuuUuuu............. I can sleep earlier in the end ...

I went to juniors' FPD presentation yesterday ... and then .... yukksss ......... lecturers biass..... we deserved the hardworks too .. nvm la.. I know ..that's just a rewards or what so ever stuff the lecturers gave to them, as what they "gave" us was different from what they are going to get... huhuuhuhu =X well... but I saw the difference, between them & us. ehhhh .......... how different ?? uhhheemmm ......... I believe we are always better what .. muauauhaahah

The most interesting part was, alamak !!! I should said GOD has arranged everything. Halloween just passed, and I attended "a halloween show" in the presentation too .. If prof did not mention I really did not aware.. lols .. but that group was really show hand what they had.

I want to go home.. I need to, I have to. But still struggling. Can RM dropped on my head tomorrow? Or anyone suddenly wanna donate me the return ticket ??? OR just offer me some instant high cash pay job ..... Or I just pray hard AA or MAS offering free ticket and I manage to grab that !! huhuu !!! GO to dream NOW !!

ciaoz ~

p/s: shall upload the recent photos thesedays. Today I FILLED the incubator till FULL again.


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