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Friday, November 5, 2010

EOTD : I want BIG eyes , pls save me !!!

my coursemate rang up me in the early morning to ask how to choose a pair of eyelash... a junior of mine asked me last day how do I transformed my small eyes into big eye.

And I show you here now .
my original eye size .. I don't know why many people thought that I have double eye lids .. I don't have :~
you need this to have a good skin base
bb cream, Kose foundation cake & office loose powder
then you need these to transform your eyes.
from left to right:
bobbi brown eye line & brush; double eyelid glue; false eyelash glue & fake eyelash ( i took out from the original box , it's from Office); a tweezer; eyelash curler; mascara
1st :  draw a fine eyeline on ur eyelid, nearest to ur eyelash edge.
it looks deeper and darken .. more 3D
now you need this ... another coursemate asked do I cut into few segments, I never .. I just put all at one shot ..
use tweezer to help you to put it on ..
like this ....
opened you eyes, then the fake eyelash just sticked near to your real eyelash ..
to make it curler ... use eyelash curler
so, it becomes more obvious ... usually I don't apply mascara anymore. 
IF you want combine your real and fake eyelash together, just apply as usual and last, use curler to fix them together
spot the difference
both "wear" the fake eyelashes liao ...
when you see me in ukm, i merely put on the eyelash. 
I don't put on eyeliner, mascara ... etc ... yes , only the fake eyelash ....

WEnt to midvalley for PC expo ~


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