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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Food Microbe Laboratory 's Rule

lolz... I & my groupmate are fed up with people who enter the lab & seeing us in MUTE mode .. we so intended to make this & place in front of our workplace  .. hahaha ....everyone can read ..

in fact, we could not talk to avoid cross contamination ...
we cannot talk, answer your questions or fulfill whatever you want ... 
what can you do ?
=> just keep 50m from us .. haha

 & we don't like to borrow or share anything. Because we are full of yeasts. 
we hate bacteria, molds, or the alien yeasts 
 actually we got all the things completely in sets because we brought all that (like cellotape, dettol spray, sticker, bottle, wipe cloth, boxes, mancis, lighter etc. ) by our own , (never expect this or that supposed to be available, because there is no such thing.. hehe .. you can wait, you can expect , but when the day will come before you can grad ??? )  and apparatus & equipments (whatever you need in your labworks ... you even have to learn how to use all THE EquipmentS, although that is ONLY DIstilled water, yes ! just H20 ! and how to refull gaS ...) we got all by "efforts" we've done in weeks ... so, to make your life good in research, always get prepared with whatever you want, with the biggest efforts.. (sometimes you just can't avoid to "invest" some $ by your own ) .. if just small investment but make your life easier, why not ? ^.^

That's WHY people said you need $ in research ~  although we are merely undergrad ! Scientists must always CReativE ~~  chEErss ~~g00d luck ...


mingfoong said...

hahaha, ok ok, sau dou sau dou! :P

Barbie @ eSter said...

迟点你也有需要po这篇文章。。。。 哈哈。。。

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