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Friday, November 5, 2010

Juniors' FPD presentation, the halloween show + my labworks

Went to junior's presentation on past Wed, and the lecturers said their batch is better than us .. well ... it's a good news =D and they deserved for all they did. From keep complaining, arguing in the group until they relief and full of satisfications, merely due to the lecturers said : good job , well done ...... etc ...

guess what they performed

got from juniors. it's cheesecake with collagen

the cempedak chocolate. 
Anyone wants to order this please contact me :) it's RM9.00 per box. (9pcs)

breads with dessicated coconut
 was busy running lab and the presentation on the day .. 
lols ... i stuffed the incubator again ...
each broth has to do 6 dilutions, and each dilution has to do plate agar for duplicate ... 
and all broths have to be done in a day 
count count count ......
after counting, ready for decontamination


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