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Monday, November 22, 2010

full or empty ?

Today was so so so busy .. in fact... not much of works but lack of time !

was doing 4 types of breads ... and there were 30++ samples .... omg ........ I have not stop or sit for awhile since I reached to lab .

luckily this morning my papa "unusually" came early at 7.30am ... because he was going to submit the results & going back to sleep! As he marked the papers until 5.30 am in the morning .. this time, he complained to me.. not I complained to him ... muahahaha !!! he slightly comforted my sadness by telling the result of one of our subjects in this semester is good ... I was intended to praise his improved lecturing ability but I changed, by asking, we pandai ka ?? are we smart? so we scored ? =p........ blerrrkkkk ...

works were not done & not satisfied .... & bad news keep coming .. ughhh .... well... need to take a break .. very very short break .....

my stomach .. seems full , yet empty .. empty of satisfactions, full of uncertainties ....


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