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Saturday, November 20, 2010

the superpapa & the lil' baby girl

early in the morning, papa called the baby girl that he has reached & he was about leaving. baby girl was cooled & did not want to talk much as she was on the way from her ex-company .. she was keep thinking the comment from one of the ex-colleagues ..  in fact papa could informed another twin sister.. A minute later,
baby girl couldn't hide her feelings and called back to papa to wait for her. she needs to talk face to face finally. Has been hide herself for 2 days, keep frustrating with her papa ..

once reached, papa knew baby girl cried but he still asked purposely what happened to her eyes. baby girl collapsed and the tears rolled down like flood ...

stood at the carpark & cried like idiot in front of papa for half an hour .. sigh ... why can't he went up in his room ..

papa said not to frustrated ( omg .. he realized :x ).. it's nothing to worry now .. she doesn't put any expectation anymore .. she, he , they do not know the final result ... no conclusion can be made, no one can guarantee ..

both of them and all parties could not do anything...

but now super papa got new babies... and there are 2 ..

and the lil' baby girl recognized her beloved papa .. he might not as perfect as you think .. but he is the best papa ever the lil' baby girls know .. and they appreciated .. and baby girl mailed papa a moment ago .. hopefully he would "does" what is "reminded"


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