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Saturday, November 20, 2010

plan changed

i keep thinking what time should I go out tomorrow, as i & my groupmate planned to do our works earlier then we can end earlier too because our papa is not free ..
7am or 730am ?  when i took my phone and wanted to inform her to reach at what time, i saw my papa's sms that he will go at later time.. means ... i don't need to sleep earlier and she does not need to wake early as well... because im gonna sleep after i sms my groupmate a moment ago ..

and now, i want to ppstream ..

i think i'm relieved.. as i don't cry anymore when i tell others what happened to me... maybe a short conversation or crying session in the morning had released my burdens.. i 've to put it aside from now ..

people would think that i dont want to work hard in thesis, but it has nothing to do with my practical issue ... i still passionate in my labworks.. because this is thing that i like to do ... and the stupid things wouldn't influence my works.. but this time, i won't put any expectation anymore. I would understand by now, hard works do not mean you fully deserve what would pay back. I would understand if others better than me, and they are deserved to be more qualified than me.. they are all excellent..

do the best & no guilty, that's one of my life principles.

today we wanted to join his lunch but ...

tomorrow .. i wonder is he free .. but he very hiao ... i was thinking since he is going late why don't we go for breakfast .. but he likes to sleep.. and it stopped me ... or we can go for brunch after we done our works ...


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