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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December is waving to me ...

It's the last day of November. A lots of unexpected things have happened ... from day to day , week to week , my mental is stressed ...I don't even know what to review for the whole November, the saddest memory, the happiest memory, the best moment, the worst moment... etc ..

Early of the November has started my uncalm emotions .. everyday stays in uncalm state ... worried about availability of equipments, labs, apparatus, samples ... etc... until wanted to be doted on by my supervisor..

Every weekend still going to campus to have labs ... 7 days a week.. never ever that hardworking, or I should say, I am enthusiast with my current works. Is this so-called "dream"? When you work, although is hard, but you gain satisfactions.

Middle of the November, coursemates started coming in to run their works, and another unpeaceful circumstance started. Initially, merely hope everybody got aware their responsibilities and co-operations ... yet, people who should aware never aware. Fortunately, some coursemates still understood us and they are helpful and willing to co-operate. Maybe we are just too busybody. But it's not only you alone's safety is concerned, but all other people's too. Be dedicated and responsible :).

Bad days came, I couldn't rejected. Bad things came, I couldn't run away. What I can do is went up to my supervisor's room and told my difficulties, my feelings, my thoughts. Solvable problems were solved, unsolvable problems will KIV. I feel thankful to meet a supervisor or a lecturer who is dedicated and enthusiast to assist students, regardless who are you, male or female, races, appearance, intelligence ... etc..

Meanwhile, he can be your good listener, reader, and friend. Was talked about personal, life, family, working life, etc ... but never bias between lecturer & student and friend & friend sharing.

Was entering the baking stage, & it re-motivated my baking hobby... restarted to bake at home .. since 3 years after I study here. And another reason which motivated me was due to the willingness of supervisor to help us for some "mission", thus the best way is to bake with sincerity.

The end of the day had finally came to me when the practical result was announced. I lost control about myself for week. I told my supervisor, the lecturers, it was my end of the day. I know it sounds silly to say about the words, but who knows? I've never expected the best, but not too worst. Although they kept comfort me with words, mails, sms... I still couldn't relieve. I don't expect anymore although my supervisor has promised me, I don't hope he commits anything for me. It's just part of my life, not him. Somemore, he always complains he has no life. As long as we don't graduated, we've deduced his life still burden .. having kids at home & two lil' baby girls as well in his working place.. lols ... 've informed him as so-called papa, & 'm the baby girl, the little one .. so that he could relieve whenever we go to tell our problems .. because, daddy never ever can reject daughter's needs .. they have to obey xp ~

Attended a coursemate's birthday, a lunch with a beloved professor & senior, and a "hard to date" lunch with beloved supervisor & groupmates.

It's the last week of  November, looking forward the day of succeed. Deadline of 19 days for me to achieve the milestone and the work, I wish I could.


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