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Thursday, November 25, 2010

finally, HE has to lunch with US ! ♥

lolz.......... after we failed for ... emm .. many many many times to date our sv to go for lunch, finally we went together today.
In fact, just dismissed from the tension meeting before the lunch.. still I couldn't relieve.. indigested ... sigh ... oh papa a papa .....

johnny steamboat @ alamanda, Putrajaya

Yes, we went for steamboat during lunch time.. it's my 1st time . don't play play ... i know you must sweating now .. lolz.. we'd warned our sv that it will be very hot but he said got aircon mahhhhhhhh ........... in the end lunch time too many people, air con site full ... so we "enjoyed" the steamboat lunch with a NICE sunshine ......  but the weather was ok ... not too hot .. so passed.

my groupmates - roti gang
 my boss focus playing his blackberry.. he has no peace lunch .. or i should say, 
now i understand why he always complains he has no life, because since meeting until lunch his phones non stop ringing ...
 my groupmate & our lovely co-sv
 my hair very messy ... due to the fan .. 

 sauce for the steamboat.. 
dr. cooked eggs for us
my iced coffee 
 dr. 1st ordered banana split == .. 
he knows steamboat very well .. 
he ate this 1st to reduce his body T .. lolzzzzz
 all in
side order- bbq chicken ..
asked him eat more.. since he is going to pay ..
 side order- chicken wing
 all in all in 

 and waiting .. 

 pineapple rice 
 wuhhuuu ... ready to eat ! macam-macam ada ~
 fried kailan .. i like vege!

 done ! time for dessert !!!!!
see my sv's banana split plate .. 
in fact we want to order too but served later 
someone rebut this chicken wing with dr. ...
 he really liked chicken wing.. see the "body" of the wing

heheeh .. we also added order. . but we want "split" without banana.... hahaha
dessert done ! 
time to pay ...
we asked the waiter to show him the bill, 
but change passed to us.. 
my boss expected to spend more.. 
omg.. rugi dy .. but i remind him spend next time..lolss

 i don't want to be cameragirl aaaaaaaaaaaaarrhhhh..
 but my skill seems not bad ..
 huhu .... very sudden photo-taking session .. & the 3rd from left, RAPIDly he stood besides my sv... hahaha .. he waited for so long ..
nice except the background !!!!!! anyhow i like it ~~~ lalalalla 
sweet ~ the roti family

p/s:  although had a great lunch yet i feel burden in my heart............. unsharable .. unexplainable ... i need a wide exhaust pipe to release the pressure .... T_____T

This made me forgot something to say today, although I last met him before 5pm ... which is

" THANK YOU aaarrrhhhh my papa tersayang !" ~


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