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Friday, November 19, 2010

i feel lucky and grateful to have your

17 Nov 2010 - 10am

went to crazy shopping with the seafood family since we all had no lab to do on the public holiday ... i should post this earlier than the incident happened. Before i could relieved, before i could settled it, i did not tell anyone of them. i appreciate that at least, though they really can't help me anything .. nothing but i have them ..
Caring and gossip merely a um distance .. people caring or people gossip, i appreciated all. but too much of gossips just irritated me
i don't care and i couldn't care how does my lecturer perceives me since this happened, because i got frustrated with him .. i don't like, i got mad, i cried like idiot.. i just like a baby girl who wanted to be doted on .. 
 to be doted on by the seniors, the lecturers and the friends ..

i couldn't relieve, i couldn't hide, i couldn't do anything, but days come nights come ..

It should be a happy post, they said i should learn the lesson that most of the time, we do not deserve anything although we did our best, we put all our efforts. We merely deserved no guilty, did our best and accept  the fact.

I do not intimately close to these friends, but when I looked back, we are intimately connected since year 2. And that builds up our friendship in university's life. Two of them are sitting in front of me everytime during final exam .. another one is behind me .. most of the time we always have same thinkings.. although once in while, we have conflicts among each other, who does not have? But we tolerate and understand one another .. 

Love can exist among parents and children, boys and girls, friends and friends, teachers and students. Now i have friends and friends & lecturers and students.

I learnt this lesson during my 1st year, from aKong.. i believed most seniors learnt about this too, but i guess most of us have almost forgotten. I merely recalled the questions .. more or less

There are 2 questions:

1. He loves her very much. She is a pretty girl. One day she had an accident, but after she recovered, she has a big scar on her face, do you think he still loves her?

A. definitely he will
B. he will not
C. he might

2. She loves him very much. He is an aggressive and expert in business. Suddenly he bankrupted. Do you think she still loves him as before ?

A. definitely she will
B. she will not
C. she might

And then we were done. after calculated, most of us did not choose A for both questions. Prof said appearances and financial were so important for human ... and

Prof: do you think they are couples ?
We: yes ..
P : but the questions never stated they are ... 

If HE is her father, and SHE is his mother ? IF you could redo, will you insist the same answer?

We: No !

For me, it's the same goes to my friends and lecturers, i love them all.. males or females... somehow, there are people never believe, males and females can be in friends relationship only ..

People said I would received a gift from the unluckiness, i think this is the gift, which I met your.

 I love your - the caring & helpful seniors, "the lovely girls", the dear prof. and my beloved dr. 


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