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Saturday, November 13, 2010

eSter bakery class~ lalallaa [ COTD: Choco muffin with sultana ]

lolzzzzzzzz ..................... finally i re-completed all the equipments I need to resume my baking hobby ..... as most of them left in hometown ... I gotta to bake .... for "Sunday`s program"

Test baking - Cake of The Day: Chocolate Muffin with Sultana ~~ huhuu ..

raw materials needed
IMP = IMPORTED ! RM 38 PER KG ok .....
i like to buy mould all the time.. lol ..
sultana ~

1st : mix these
2 : oil + egg + milk ;
add this into the mixture above
done .. ready to bake ~~
 in the baking process ~ stay tuned

raising ~

~ the end ~

Today shall do raisin bun & tuna roll, as I FAILED to make it in fac in this week ... truly desperate .... I have to turn this "lessons" by doing home baking now .....

hehe .. but i don't have many white mouses anymore .... as once upon a time .. my buddies are the white mouses ~~


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