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Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello November ~

oh no!!!! It is the second last month of the year, November has come in the end !!!! oh no oh no.......... *screammmmmmmmmmmmmm~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
without realizing .. i just want to shout OH NO !!! right now come ....... time passes so rapid !!!

WHat I had done in these 10 months of 2010 ???????????????

1. I gone through a terrible and miserable practical.
2. I enjoyed and missed a fantastic CNY with a very very long time no see primary school mates and  great holiday with the right and dearest buddies ever.
3. I entered a great and sweet thesis life; a batch of excellent coursemates; batches of lovely seniors and juniors;
 dearest lecturers and adorable supervisor; eternally schoolmates ever;
4. & my life is going to be more colourful, though there is a dark spot, I lacked a perfect boyfriend.

November 2010 is another busy month for me definitely. I need to finish my labworks, I need to work, I need to attend many fairs and events and sales, I need to keep going slim down, I need more money, I need to go home, I need more and more what I need.

If I am able to need ONLY ONE thing,  I ONLY want happiness.


Dip.E said...

opss... Just realize that we have a same title for our blog passage.. Hello, NOvember! LOL!!! anyway, wish you HAPPY!! ^^

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