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Monday, August 30, 2010


yahuu ~ finally the paper has ended ! I was detoxified after the paper, yes, I did not know how to answer :) ... very difficult? Just read and understand then you will know how to do. Yet some are claiming not really ... ermm ....I read all, I understood, but I did not know the exact answer. But will be deserved for what I will get .
I got my HACCP result~ w00h00 !!~~ YES , I got excellent. Most also got EXcellent . What I had prepared for a week finally can send out to the recipient.

The next, Proposal presentation ... a lot to amend ... although my supervisor did not really go through .. but I have my teammate with me .And my supervisor already gave us distress medicines. But we won't sia sui our supervisor too of course ~~ hehe ...

Unbelievable , Dr. had forwarded the long email regarding the HACCP review to abang Maaruf which I sent last week. It was really real long ... don't play play ... but he managed to read all... I hope whom it may concern can get the messages from what abang replied .  But physically he not happy with the result ...

Other than that, I just recalled he indirectly explained my problems. hmmmm ..... P&C .. I don't want to share here .I got his message yet the intention from me might not parallel to him . Hopefully the same message he will deliver to your all before your go to internship.. As long as you have any problems during your coming internship , please refer to your lecturers or seniors asap .. atleast ..not too late .Please don't feel hesitate to ask. This is what I want to deliver.

I'm lazy to show my cert .. later lar.. I wish to get the group photos ar !!!!!!!!! PLS PLS PLS .......... NEXT TUE we take group photo before/after lecture okay ...

haizz.. I terasa when I recalled what he said.. should I  ? sometimes really feel gila.. senior or lecturer or friend ?

 Photo came ~
There are 2 certificates ... but I have too many photos to be edit and upload ~ 

As he mentioned, the same offer might not be the same with us, in future, I'm not sure but maybe can discuss with him later.. just stay contact with him...

Next monday his lecture and mid sem exam are cancelled... yo ~ cannot see abang larr .. lolz ! hopefully tuesday can take the group photo ~ promise kayy ... 

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