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Monday, August 23, 2010

may u RIP , the lovely Dr. ...

A few minute ago(0754), received a sms from a coursemate, with the news that Dr. Ayub Mohd Yatim has passed away after a long battle. Although we were merely spent a very short time during 3rd year, yet he was so impressed . I don't know what to say,it was so complicated. The day which we all never want it to come has came. Lastly , may u RIP , the lovely Prof. Mayda Dr. Ayub Mohd Yatim

  • Qualifications :

    1. PhD Nutritional Toxicology
    2. Masters in Nutritional Science (Minor in Food Technology and Science)
    3. B.S. in Nutrition and Food Science
    4. Diploma in Food Technology
  • Specialisation :

    Nutritional and Food Toxicology
    Food Safety (GMP, GHP, HACCP)
  • Areas of Research :

    Food and Nutritional Toxicology
    Food Product Safety
    Microbiological Food Hazard
  • Current Projects and Grants :

    1. Production of polyunsaturated fatty acid from microbe (IRPA top-down (09-02-02-001BTK/TD/001/S4)
    2. Enzymatic synthesis of reduced calorie stuructured lipids from palm kernel oil and arichidic acid rich fats (ARF). IRPA top-down (09-02-04-0004-BKT/ER/008)
  • Selected Publications :

    1. Ayub M.Y. & Sachan D.S.1992. Suppression of aflatoxin B1-induced lipid abnormalities and macromolecule-adduct formation by L-carnitine. Journal of Environmental Pathology, Toxicology and Oncology 11(4): 205-210.
    2. Ayub M.Y. & Sachan D.S.1997. Dietary factors affecting aflatoxin B1 carcinogenicity. Malaysian.Journal of Nutriition 3(2): 161-179.
    3. Ayub M.Y. & Mohd Hirol,A.S.1998. Kandungan karnitina dalam formula bayi yang terdapat di pasaran tempatan. Sains Malaysiana 27: 1 – 8.
    4. Nazaruddin, R. Suriah, A.R., Osman, H., Ayub, M.Y., Mamot, S. Lim, L.S. & Ng, W.F. 2000. Caffeine and theobromine levels in chocolate courverture and coating products. Malaysian Journal of Nutrition 6: 55-63.
    5. Ayub, M.Y., Nazaruddin, R. & Sachan, D.S. 2001. Kandungan karnitina plasma dan hati dalam tikus yang diberi suplemen karnitina dan perlakuan aflatoksin B1. Sains Malaysiana 30: 135-141.
    6. Nazaruddin, R., Ayub, M.Y., Mamot, S. & Heng, C.H. 2001. HPLC deteremintation of methylxanthines and polyphenols in cocoa and chocolate products. Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences 7(2):377-386.
    7. Ayub, M.Y. & Sachan, D.S. 2001. Carnitine alters binding of aflatoxin to DNA and proteins in rat hepatocytes and cell-free systems. Journal of Nutrition (USA) 131: 1903-1908.
    8. Ayub, M.Y., Too, C.M., Mohd Rosni, S. & Nazaruddin, R. 2002. Effect of curry powder on the growth of Listeria monocytogenes, Yersinia enterocolitica and Escherichia coli O157:H7 in cook-chill beef dish. Sains Malaysiana 31:179-188.
    9. Sachan, D.S., Ayub, M.Y. & Daily, J.W. 2002 Comparative effects of dietary corn oil, safflower oil and palm oil on metabolism of ethanol and carnitine in the rat. Journal of American College of Nutrition 21(3): 233-238.
(source from ewarga, ukm,bangi, 2010)

Today, the weather is cloudy and it seems going to rain.The GOD knows and IT is like showing the sympathy and my feeling too..

My sv just gave me a call (1003) to postpone the lecture,the voice from the other side seems so down, or I'm the one so down ...


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