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Thursday, August 26, 2010

it's FREE sample !! Nescafe new product ~

YUP ! IT is free ~~ 
As a foodscientist , we must always TRY ~ and we always do .. hahahahah 
No worry if you are not , you are welcome to get this freeebies too :)
Nestle Nescafe is giving away 2000 samples  ~~ GRAB IT ASAP ~ it's easy 
Free coffee + Free delivery to your doorstep!

This trial sample is exclusive for Nescafe Members. So what you have to  do is register your membership here. I am not promoting for Nexcafe arr~~ although I'm one of the consumer, yet this is not my most favourite ... just simply , they are affordable ... 
I'm waiting the sample to reach my door >.< ~


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