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Friday, August 20, 2010

Updated: Reply from Dr.Y

lalalallaalal .... story origin from here .If you have time, just read, if you really have time, because my friends said too long ... lol ..

As I emailed Dr. on behalf of all of us, today I just got the reply from Dr.Yusof. So wanna show to your all :) .

So, by now, your all got his message and blessing okay ? Thanks for reading,end of my job.

updated 24/8/2010 :

I think , some people do not understand why Dr. replied that thanks to ALL , because the image of email above, I did not cap all .. the line after that is

As I said, if you think you are not intend to involve in this "extra" dedication, I apologized for putting you in as one of us, since this work was being done from the bottom of my heart , sincerely and voluntarily. I'm just too busybody ~


Tiffanie said...

omg.. how sweet he is!!~~ haha!! yaya... i like him too.. he explains so much for us in the processing lab~ moreover, he is too caring~ keep on reminding us "be careful"... so gentleman~~ LOL!! I become his little fans ld... lalala~


WaiYee @ eSter said...

wuahaha..... join with us for his fans club ... treat him good good..later pick him as ur supervisor ...

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