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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HACCP - DAy 3. The end

yeaH ~~~ we like tea time .... although the muslim friends did not eat on the spot
but they showed their enthusiasms & interests too in "tea time activity",
where they jerit2 to get ...
until the "abang" criticized them :" ur bukan puasa ke ?" .. haha
he likes to joke ..

Photo session by group with En. Nik Lukman & Abang Maaruf
They became the tukang pegang banner yang paling enjoy & happy in the world , meanwhile waiting for the groups to come in front

ehem .. please don't confuse .
This is not your lovely Dr.Maaruf Abd Ghani.
He is our so-called friend/ abang Maaruf
Yes , he was the tukang pegang banner too.....
he so enjoyed holding it .. muka ceria jer ..

Bun Bun won the best of bests group performance .
Received first hari raya hamper ~~
(I don't have your group photo)

Truffle Chocolate Group

Janji Sedap Sdn. Bhd. - bakery product

Cheer Sdn. Bhd - 3in1 milk tea
Another group of best of bests group perfomance

Last , Good Life Sdn. Bhd. - bakery product ~

Time to share ~ the hamper ~

Cheer company ... semua staffs muka ceria jerr

with MR.Nik Lukman

Certificate of attendance ~
There is another certificate that contains our result ( grade of Excellent / distinction ),
Yet ,we all are aiming for the excellent only ~ let's see =)

Had our lunch at oldtown bangi , too bad ...
lousy services , hygiene and foods

Today, I met my supervisor and asked him to kirim salam to the abang maaruf .. so your messagesssss were delivered okay ? muahahaha .... but Dr. asked can get excellent or not ? ehem ..... I have a request , if we all get 53/53 excellent in the cert , pls take a photo at bio building foyer thr okay ? We lack a group photo =( ~

FOr rombongan, my coursemate also helped to deliver the message to Dr.M, but reply don't know yet .... because your all want to go abang tu punya rumah ,bukan Dr.'s kan ??? just wait ... because we minta Dr. ask 1st .... Dr. merajuk dah .... because we abandoned him ... ur all go to pujuk him balik ... lolx ~~~~

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Daphne Tey said...

it seems fun!

WaiYee @ eSter said...

yeah ~ definitely it was !!~~ huhu

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