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Saturday, August 28, 2010

yaHuu !! Yes, i went to shopping & Jogoya

I bought a shirt from Isetan lot 10, a double eyelid glue, finally, to try on it.. because previously i had sensitive of it, so i used to use the sticker. Visited to my BA at Isetan , grabbed few samples.... Waiting for Raya's sales ar... i wanna buy my skincares ...
 after shopping , before jogoya, hi-tea at Lot10 HuTong.
Saw this - pork giant burger  ~
don't know nice or not ... 

craved for foods 
i saw myself in the alcohol .
actually i am not blur .. i am just drunk .. 
lolz ~ 
so small .... 
 baked cheese eggs
 baked mushroom
i like lamb chopppppsss... yumm yumm
im gonna eat .. the sotong

1st thing i grabbed ... coconut ..
and the wine 
VIP : lobster ~ must eat ~~ huhu

birdnest ???? I ordered 2 !

cheated ==" it's agar2 .. stupid fake birdnest 

too many foods and i have no time to capture all ...

most important , my favourite part ...
cheesy lady

i'm gonna bake this soon 
give me some time ...
i wish i can carry this cabinet home .. ti ra mi su ~
for me this is easier to bake ...

haegen dazs  ~ i ate all flavours !! muahaha .. 
mission completed at this station
& i was playing the chocolate tap with 2 kids ..
my stomach was sticky with the mochi

light dessert

Last night,there was promotion ,meanwhile you're a VIP member, by giving a business card, you will enjoy extra 30% off ( Dinner time NP: RM88++)  :) ~~

And I ate like there is no tomorrow,and my tomorrow ,which is today, my stomach still full ..

Compared my last visit, foods really getting lesser choices and smaller size =.= .. but oklar.. good dinner time mahh


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