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Monday, August 23, 2010

HACCP - Day 1 . Introducing Abang Maaruf, our new friend & En.Nik Lukman

20.8.2010 - 22.8.2010
Place : TESOL training center, seksyen 3 , bangi
By : Jururunding Teman
Attendants : 53 food science final year students from UKM ,
Mr.Nik Lukman & Dr. Maaruf Abd Ghani

In fact, the first day we were not playing the poker during the class, the purpose was to know the concept of it. Sorry that I'm not able to translate it into english/malay , as I intended to write here =)

The 1st group activity on 1st day , to develop your company , and the HACCP team .

The company logo , designed & contributed by Ms.Christine Tee

Done by our manager , Ms. Kho
Written by me, the manager, Ms. Lay min.
Ideas from the whole team .

Plant layout

We had our lunch from 1-2 pm at a fast food restoran in bangi , yet we returned at 2.25pm , and the presentation started at 2.30 pm. We actually had all ideas yet we did not complete the work before we went to lunch . Thus, these works were done incredibly rapid in the critical time.. lol ~ I must praise my teammates, that we can did it rapid yet still nice .. muaks muaks ~

This hamper just in front of us ...
keep aiming this since 1st day ...

because the content seems so attractive

Continue - Part 2


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