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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

updated : I'm exhausted ! The breadmaking day ~

I just realized , that I've sleep for less than 6 hours daily since end of July ... Because today only I really see into my face, the eye bag and the dark eye circle.. omg .. my coursemates said my eyes sometimes are big and small alternatively ... It is not due to I didn't make up,it reflects how less I sleep.. :~~~~~ GIve my pretty small eyes back !

I wish to update the breadmaking day , but all photos haven't edit ... And my toxicology and food industry notes are yelling at me ~~~ goshh ... gonna sleep enough and well tonight and off for a week .. ~

I wish tomorrow I manage to bake my cupcakes ... the ingredients again are staring at me on the table... lolz .. but Friday is holiday ~ who is going to be my fans ??  hmmmm ..... Gonna postpone it until end of midsem & everything ~

mY roti

my roti monsters gang

they done their breadmaking process ... thats why they were sitting ...

We were done too ~ modeling ...

before proofing ~

of course best.... from GoodLife Sdn. Bhd.

take photo with ...  the oven .. lolz ~~~~~~ i really not enought sleep... 
my eyes bengkak like head

 cutting ceremony ..... like cutting cake.. lolz


with my lil' roti

In the end, I updated the blog..lolz!!!!!!!!!!!!! because my teammates want the photos ....
We want to show our supervisor in fact after finished baking, of our "nice" breads .. lolz.... keras macam batu ....:X ... but he was not free & tomorrow he on leave & friday is hol ~~ well .... we saved the breads which were edible in our stomach ...

ciaoz~ buka puasa & study harD !!

updated : 26/8/2010 - my crazy teammate
My team has 2 groups, my group is doing manually and another group is using breadmaker because the quantity they need is bigger . Yet one of the teammate, he is so lonely , because his group only he and another gal...and their preparation is shorter than us ..  he jealous and keeps disturb us ...

this fella so hiao lor.. stand in front of abang punya kereta .....  
you polluted kereta abang kami la... tepi sikit plsss 

 he kept criticized my dough .. 
wuwuwuwuwuwuwuww :~~~~~~~~~~
wei .. u bukn have to tenangkan jiwamu meh ? 
don't do bad things .. bawa bertenang sikit.. hahhaha

Yet we feel good to have him in our team, because we won't feel bored and we can fight with him .. muahahhaa the power of Girls ... 


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