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Thursday, August 26, 2010

SOPOTD 2 : Porridge with fish + sick

Finally I have natural wake up today, yet I was awake at 6.  Since today is a relax day, I went out and had my kuey teow soup with prawn this morning, as soon as I finished it, I rushed into the toilet and the whole bowl came out =.=" I went to the next door clinic, and the doctor,

D. : study or working ?
Me: study ...
D: whr you study ?
Me : ukm bangi..
D: ic.... in exam ? 
Me: soon ...
D: basically it's ok .. nothing wrong.. just has lil indigestion ... rest more..dont stress

Me: stress ??  don't know wor... Last night finally I can sleep more because today dont have to go out .. how to cause indigestion ?

heheh ... my body cannot be adjusted, after a month+ of busy life ...and when I fully relax, my GI muscle can't be tuned .. so terrible ...

I made my own porridge with fish with salted fish ... some photos are missing ... because my phone was spoilt :~

I was intended to steam it , but I want to eat tasteless food...
so I separated the bone and flesh

the bone , to extract the juice only in the boiled water and add into the porridge

the water is ready
the flesh , cut into smaller pieces to put into the porridge

 since tasteless, I put this in ..

ready to serve .. the orange color pieces are carrot cubes and "gou ci"

p/s: I should buy the marmite ... as I lepak with my thesismate last day ....

I think I really have been a long time , that even I,myself also not realize, that I did not rest well. Last night, when I laid on my bed, at 10pm, my mind was empty. Because there was a celebration near my area, the music was so loud, and I on my mp3 player,which in the corner and had run out of battery. The songs were outdated. It has been a long time, I don't have music with me before I sleep. 
I recalled my buddies from my hometown. I forgot how long I did not sms to them, some are going to have convo, one the buddies told me he is going to back for this raya holiday .. I wanna go back too, yet I did not. The second person asked me this question, after my sv asked me last day.  I hope I am able to name them all here..

joannes,lydiamarie,yeeling,mandy,tsuiman,ykw,yung2,johnsonalbertliaw,alexliew,fugoh,joannajillian,vivian david,sm,lam2,sansin,cyf,yk....

In fact, I'm more wanted to attend their convocation during Oct .. that is a good time to spend together with. We went into university together and they are going to graduate.It is so fast.I feel guilty , as I really do not think of them even a second a day for the past 1 month++ ...I have forgotten the good time we spent ... I lost the passion to make the gatherings.. But this passion has back last night ... maybe it's time for us to meet during the coming raya holiday . But one thing is that, he is always still in my mind, without realizing, he left us almost a year ... but I always think of him still, the feeling is strong recently, as some of the incidents happened in my university, a lovely lecturer , and another 1st year student. Life is so fragile that we never can predict. I'm just too sensitive about such incidents ...I scared, I fear, although physically I'm not.

When it really happens on you,no matter how tough you are, you will fall down from the sky .. I have only one wish, cherish and appreciate every second we have... I have to stop.. because the tears wanna burst out ... XD

p/s:  wln,pls forgive me that I'm just too weak to hold my promise, although everytime I complain, yet I still want to let it repeat ...


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