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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HACCP - Day 2 : A terrible , blur , confused , fainting day

the only malay male coursemate , also , my thesis teammate, the member of the roti monster gang .... Mr. Mohd Akmal
omg ... my face so chubby!!!! arwwwwwwhhhhhhhh

but I like the jurucamera, this photo is awesome ~ huhu

Tea break time ~
yes , this is fasting month , yet , due to 1malaysia, we all got all foods & drinks and just eat ~ our muslim coursemates just kept it & bring it home ...
some of the menu were different every day ~ lolz ...

Presentation session

he laughed ... because all of our companies have very perfect GMP..
lolz ...

my group's turn ... my groupmates

For 1st few groups he didn't has the pen and the book in his hand ...
he was writing

and writing ....

And, the end, we were questioned ~ G00d ~ that was what we wanted... lolz

The more questions , the more mistakes , the more comments, the more we learnt . If you are correct at all, why we paid for it ? hehe ... so please ask more ~

I saw them again .....
packaging so nice

On the day, everyone of us went back home with head full of ******????? moons suns ... because we are so blurred . Why ? how ? Just imagine you put 100 burgers into yr brain , how stuffy is that ?

I'm sorry to those who message me on that night to ask and clarify the confusions , because the day was really exhausted , due to overworking of brain activity .

I've follow up with Dr. because I don't know how to trace the abang Maaruf, if any updates from Dr.M , I would update you . If he has no time to reply, I minta Dr. passes to kawan/abang tu too .. lolz .. but somehow we can share2 our problems , let's get blur together ~~

p/s: I might remove part of photos in a week times due to privacy .. anyone who needs the photo can get from me

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