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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The power of Abang Maaruf | Abang Maaruf FEVER

Do you know, the post has hitted the highest view in 2 days time ? lolz ... Yesterday I told my supervisor as well then he laughed ...

I wonder where are the people come from ... since only 53 of us , and not all will online and click in ... The impact is so big .... Thank you for reading ... I managed to cap this only just now ... the previous record was deleted .. I'm waiting to see how many of the "like" that the post can get ...
All ppl only click that page ... what your all want to see actually ?

Some people even confused ... who is that abang actually , and it just looks the same like our lecturer ... muahahah .... existence of an non-existed person between us ...

Some said they lost RMx00 to buy raya shirts ...;
Some said their  RM flied during this month...;
Some said don't know can get excellent or not ...;

but they can called "abang maaruf" for 3 days and got new friend ... betul2 berbaloi gila ...

lolzzzz ... what concept is this ?????

but betul2 berbaloi gileer XD ..... I don't know what to continue ... hahaha

I told the same message to my supervisor ... guess what ?

Oklar .. this is what I can interpreted & described from his response ....

Just checked through the HACCP photos from others... OH NO ~~~~~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just realized why were they so enthusiast to join .... they have motive .. lol~~~ How long do you guys planning for that ? Since when the admiration has started ? :X !!

bermacam-macam photos uploaded ...kononnya semua ada ketagihan mengambil gambar abang ..... menakutkan betul .....dah tanya kawan abang ... abang tak milik "buku" tu  ...

As the result had come out ... so by the fee of the  package, it included :

1.You get the certificates which are in your hand now ... the words ..
2. You got a new friend
3. You got a new brother 
4. You got 3 days lectures which were not a lecture but photo stalking days
5. You get crazy because you want to meet abang and greet him as kawan or abang all the time when you see the similar person .. just like me ... lolz
( Last updated : 1.9.2010)


WaiYee @ eSter said...

anyone facing to comment problem ??? i think this would be better ...

MeaBerry said...

now its appear! lol....

i searched his name already. no MAG found in MUKA BUKU. kalau dia ada, mari lah add dia. but i dun want. im so SHY of abang M. unless he add me. then i approve lah. hahahahahahha

its ABANG'S fever, baby!!!

WaiYee @ eSter said...

muahahahahaah!!!!!!!!!!!!! thx4 inform me ~ huhuhu .... jom kita ajak dia join fb .. tp .. nanti kita x blh gossip la... :X

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