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Saturday, August 28, 2010

all about foodscience

Just checked out all ( not all la...most.. ) photos of life science fac9 2010 from junior-junior's photo album. I feel so proud of them, the commitment from all yr1 and most y2 . Forgive me, the lame so-called senior... haha... because during my time, I did not bother at all in y2.Even during 1st yr , I also reluctant to attend,yet in the end I went, and it was worth.That's why I ugut your all to attend. LOLS! Anyone could tell me that I did not cheat you to go ? Or you feel cheated to go ? I'm sorry if you feel bad so ...

I'm looking forward for the gathering, of course, again 1st yr juniors are diwajibkan hadir,but this time is not advice from me but some people else, of course, more powerful than me lar. Yet if you think it is a stupid,time-wasting gathering ,it's ok ~ just get ready go back for raya cuti or stay in your room .. it doesn't matter. Personally I'm ok .. hehe ... because last time I did not go too XD ...Seriously, I'm not a good so-called senior ..

Please, we take photo during gathering ok ? My coursemates are chasing my butt , and im chasing the 2nd yr miss's butt ..haha .. she is irritated .. because everybody is busy with midsem , reports and ki ling ka lang stuffs ... please,show yr commitment to your coursemates .. this is what people called 团结..

p/s: everybody thought that i am so free.. haha coz i keep abusing others.. i'm just lazy to study .. it's not my hobby ..


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