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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

mY dinner tonight ...

Was lepak at a kedai runcit at hentian kajang with my thesismate to purchase the materials to make bread tomorrow for more than an hour .. lol!!! last week after the HACCP course we lepak at the Guardian at fasa 3 for more than an hour too ~ so this is small case only because kedai runcit we can lepak that long as well ....

She intended to tell me what her company's products that are currently cheating the consumers.. lolz ~~ you never can imagine if you pay it but in fact, you are paying more and get the same.

Then we went to chiller section, she wanted to buy Yakult and I was thinking what to cook .. I was gila ayam today because I feel like want to eat fried chicken in the afternoon ... I was thinking to cook cili masak ayam too ... But when I saw the cili padi , they were not fresh .. end up , I didn't buy any vegetables ...

They said im gila ayam .. in fact, last 2 nights I ate taufu and beans , last night i ate fish and prawn already mahh .. I want to change menu .. ayam is easy to find ... others are harder lor ..

This is my dinner ... in the end, I eat fish and egg with nasi goreng paprika + cabbage .. but i lazy to capture the vege part ... ~ yum Yum ~ dinner time ~ ciaoz !


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