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Saturday, January 8, 2011

从早讲到晚.. 这群疯女子

went to sing K at 12pm yesterday with 5 ladies , after FPD, we never have outings ~ 

We were attracted with the set lunches... wow!!! We aimed the set of chicken chop, set A ... unfortunately , it has to top up..... in the end, some of us took the middle one... the cheapest ~ RM 12++

3 hours later, we just warmed up but the time's up. And then, we added on another 1 session ... this time ... we drank a lots of water.

After 6 hours singing ... we went to shop awhile, well... our cny shopping .. wuaahah ... I got my new shoes ~~ 

And our energy had used up . so we went to dinner at somewhere near my house .... 

But the photos were taken by my mobile phone, thus the quality is not good. 

Sambal pork

 fish with ginger & spring onion

balsam pear with salted egg ( omg .. i dont know what is peria in BI actually )

And then again we talked ..... until 11++ pm .... After home, I just realized yesterday was Friday .. muahahha ...

Too happy until I forgot the day ~~ lalalal ... i miss it ~


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