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Saturday, June 2, 2007


motivation .. an invisible power in our life , just read my fren's blog , and thought of this . not only in study , but also in life .. but where can i find this motivation from ? i have think of it , before , is from my ex-classmates , but how bout in the future ? and recently just finished a drama , quite touching , and the main character found her motivation from her idol , walau eh , of course , that is only a drama , in real life , it is impossible that it will happened , possiblity = 0.001 % .. im finding back my passion n i need motivation , encouragements right now .. to get ready to my university's life must be so tough .. wuwuwuw :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ which i never hope lehh .. simple life .. but unusual ppl owez desire for simple life .. am i unusual ? hehe i just want to usual then .. feel so sleepy just now but after having a sleep bout an hour now become energized and eating ice-cream .. yum yum ~~ haha .. my favourite .. complicated feeling tonight after viewed of someone's blog and pictures , make me feel  life is so colourful and wonderful , however , when is my turn ?? travel around the world , especially to europe is my dream , but in coming 5 years i still cant do it :~ at the same time , im getting old , really wanna do alots of things during young but sometimes out of my control .. dilemma


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