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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

pre-bday celebration + last lunch ♥ current-suPervisor ! heeee

12.00 pm
Food science department, FST , 
UKM bangi 

What a busy day .. lolz ........ It was the last exam in 4 years of study , all of us wished it ended rapidly yet we reluctant to leave. After the exam, in fact , I was rush . 1st, we gotta take the last complete  pictures of us ... check HERE ..

In fact, I have more important mission to do, as i'd planned this since last week .. hahaha ..
 refer this post

Was actually a bit late heading to take the birthday cake as scheduled due to reluctant to leave from the photo-shooting .. lols ........ 

on the way, called to my  sv to remind him "my appointment" as when i passed by fac and his car was not there . As usual, fooled by him ...

I: dr where are you ? why u not in ? why ur car is not there ???
he: i just go out .. 
I: when you come back ? 
( I emailed to remind him this early morning somemore so that he didnt go out at the time )
he : 4 pm .. 
I :   WHAT ??!!!  
 ( AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I screamed through the phone at this end )
no way !!!

and he laughed at the other end =.="  
( we can wait till 4pm but the cake cannot .. it really scared me !!! )

he  : i am on the way going back la ( he used to behave this way .. bully students  )  

always fooled by him ... urgghh .... no chance to revenge at all .. so irritating !!

back at 11.30am but waited for the rest to gather ... i dated dr at 11.30am but then was late .. To prohibit dr run away , i went to "entertain" to delay some time ... in fact I worried he knew it ( from our ♥ co-sv ) or my weird behaviour .. heee

saja-saja ask him to go lunch ( not intend at all.. but no other topics.. ) but he proposed to go Marriot hotel  ( waaaaa .......... LET'S GO !) , but then he regret , he doesn't want to spend, even only i and my co-sv ..  

good thing is that i found that he really don't know "the plan" ... hahahahahhaha ...... because he can't wait to go lunch , it was only 11.45am but he said jom .... then i was nervous : DR ! wait la... 12PM baru depart !! 12 PM sharp ( our cake at outside laa ... )

 chocolate mousse cake 

nice words or not ? hahaha my copyright! 
it is pre-celebration of his birthday, 
< 1 month advance.. hahaha ... 
he was born in some day in May
( huaaaaa .... I just realized i am indirectly 
revealed his age !!!  XD )

we successfully surprised him .. 
he wanted pengsan dy  
(best picture ever, i never see him shocked like this)

 retake many times... 
the candles were going to finish
too many times we re-lighten the candles... 
we worried the smoke-alert system.. ahaha
i wonder did he read or not
make wish 1st
( in fact we shouted our wishes..
 DR i want jutawan;i want 4flat; i want 1st class;  i want kaya ... etc ) lolz
he said luckily we went on Tuesday , he was going to Sabah the next day
I : of course not lucky laa , you forgot I have "urgent" appointment with u meh ????

done . left over and the card , 
i totally 4got what i wrote ... wrote it 3 minutes before hand in

heading to lunch  
( I did not plan further to go lunch ... mana tau his mood really came ...
but he insisted did not want to pay ... ask us treat =.= super manja)

went to alamanda LAGI !!!!  his favourite .. 

on the way going
 we thought he bought new car (he mentioned before >honda city & he said he wanted to drive new car) ... but he fooled us again .... honda , but not city yet ... 

honda EX 5 ...

don't know ??? 

Dr : ada 2 roda ( i thought 2 seated-sport car. i am dumb)

something like this ( i guess... i don't know )

We went to noodle station ...

dr's -  teh tarik hazelnut RM4.90
( he: ini teh ais biasa jer .. x yah ambil gambar
I: then kenapa u order teh ais d sini , sini bukan mamak !! waste $ )
我真的觉得他很欠打下 -- duno how to translate this ..
Au natural RM 6.90 -
raspberry + lemon flavour in soda
& dr said ini macam air sirap 
mango lemonade RM 4.90 
i regretted .. not nice at all
sunrise RM 8.90
mango , orange , strawberries and yoghurt blend
iced lychee tea RM6.90
where are the lychees ?
iced honey lemon tea RM 6.90
iced honey tea without lemon .. lolz
This is most special -
I love you lemonade
passion fruit with ... etc
akmal + dr : botol budu ??? 
in fact the drink is VERY small..
if you are thirsty don't order this ... 
totally different from illustration
iced lemon tea ( from the special promotion set)

photographer not pro .... 

4got what we talked...
i only remember ,
I: DR, you sudah fikir mau beli hadiah convo apa bagi saya ?
but he misunderstood. I re-emphasized.

I: dr. i tell u now my convo you beli hadiah convo bagi saya la ! 

he : i tak attend majlis convo . i lari pergi tempat lain 

in fact a bit crowded .... can't join their topic ... later i heard about hensem, kaya etc... 

i: apa ? cari suami aaa ?? 

then dr "teach" again how to hunt good husband / boyfriend.. 
most ridiculous , he recommended drR. 

next time if I get boyfriend, I must let him QA 1st ...

why i feel he looks like normal human only ? 
not a lecturer? m i wrong ?

 our lovely kakak 
 promoter  ..lols !
 nowonder dr added order.. attracted  by this promoter 

seafood basket
springy noodle with bbq chicken dumpling RM 7.90
 prawn tempura
 tom yam seafood springy noodle RM 8.90
dr and kakak ordered this as well. And finally i recalled.

dr don't know how to use chopstick 
( I never realized because in Sabah , most of the non-chinese know how to use )
he asked me demo.. =.=

don't worry , the restaurant got forks la... 
dr's add order... ( he learnt our habit .. order this and that )
promotion set - chicken wing  RM 15.90
kakak : after " tsunami "...

Investors : 5 of us because we never spend our kakak too & 
guess, this may be the last time we eating out
zeng zeng ! 
last time group lunch photo with dearest Dr ♥ ~~

had lunch till 2 something ....

Stories on the way go back

he showed us the house of dr. comel .... wowwwww.............. is a big house... is a bungalow ... hahah ... another diam-diam berisi lecturer ...

then he showed the places he part-time in his 2nd yr, a packaging factory  ;  as golf caddy ... and the "golf skill" of another killer lecturer ... I can't stop laughing when he described, he is mean !! even now when i recalled ... sssssssshhhhhhhhhhh XD

etc etc etc ...

i can't recall ................................... the most long lunch time and talks we had

♥ Great time 

& following with another pre-celebration of another person in the photo during that night


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