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Sunday, April 24, 2011

pregraduation, maybe a way to gain weight

Before graduate, what do the students usually do ?

strike best for final exam ? 

well , i am .. but since it is the last paper, the passion lost. Last week I mentioned that I dreamed the subject coordinator gave me the tips but last night the dream has slightly different. The lecturer became my supervisor .. hhahha (This is my personal desire) and I am more confident to get from my supervisor if he is the one who is teaching FOOD LAW !

PARRTY HARD !!!!~~~~~~~ 

too many "last lunch, last hi-tea, last dinner, last supper" with different people since last week... 


somehow sometimes i'm the only one who is going to graduate.. haha ... and my weight keep rising @@"
the most recent, pizza hut, domino and last night was bbq ... i am so full ..i can feel my stomach annoyyed .. it keeps gili gulu ......... too many foods and beverages .. 

Next week, I can't imagine ... full of parties ... Can I eat all but not gain weight =D ?

p/s: tonight "hyperglycemia" lor ... beh tahan


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