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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chores !

I've done my house chores, for 2 hours and 30 minutes, only vacuum, mopping and some wiping ...

no .. it doesn't reflect my room is dirty like ....

my neighbor downstairs has been renovate for weeks.. omg  ...

every morning 8am they started to drill here and there : ( 

I washed all blankets, bedsheets etc since there is a big sun ..

hopefully the dust don't stick on them ...

& i started REMOVE the dusts !

I went to Perfect living fair last week & bought this thing .. i know it sounds like auntie who used to do house works at home ... ok .. your mum or you current gf or your future wife have to do too , unless you hire a maid for her ..

you may find this in ACE, watson etc ( i am not sure also .. haha )

Then i visited a booth which selling robot vacuum .It costs more than RM 1 k .. a normal vacuum cleaner brand Pxnasonic only costs you RM 170 and above ok .. you can buy as many vacuum cleaners as you like.

i think my groupmates would familiar with this.. as we used that as part of our past presentation .. hahaha

hold on !!! This cause OBESITY okay ?! So, just forget about it.. haha 

I don't really believe in this thing, it is convenient but has some limitation too.

It only works within certain distance. If you have bungalow or semi-D, buy more.

Otherwise, just clean as conventional way 

1st you have to know, you need to wipe the dust away .... in the tiny space... dead spaces ... from top to bottom

2nd, you may start vacuum .

3rd, you if necessary.

4th, now you mop with detergent. Followed by wipe if mopping is not accessible.
5th, inspect any dirt, hairs, dust etc ..

6th, Sanitize it and let air dry .... 

7th, spray some air freshener ..

hahahha ... it may sounds familiar to the food scientists .. one of the elements in GMP/GHP
LAST step, clean and sanitize yourself.
yes, i am slightly hygienism : p 

p/s: experts recommended to do at least 30 minutes physical activity daily ... i did 150 minutes ... accounted for 5 days .. hahaha... hopefully fats have been burned today : D


AnnaYJia said...

LOL ! You're like advertising for the product ! haha...
btw how much you charge / hour for house cleaning ya ? muahahaha...just joking.

Barbie @ eSter said...

haha i jz lazy to edit ...sometimes good things are to be shared ... Xp ...

i dont work for part time house cleaner >< ... too exhausted... lols

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