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Friday, April 29, 2011

pl♥yd♥y + Sotong's pre-bigD♥y

 5 pm 
Look out point , Ampang

yeaah ... this day was very busy day . Back from the ♥ event at 4pm , and head to this event at 5pm.
i feel i am professional freelance PR ...  entertained many things in a day

look out point .. reached before 7pm =D

i did not realize they were there .. haha 
seafood family member

i didn't realize we wear about the same
 so match 

lychee drink .. or longan .. i forgot
white sauce chicken chop

black pepper + butter sauce chicken chop 
mushroom soup
i ordered set

these two persons like to be model
i wanted to capture the mango orange drinks in fact
we wondered is this juice complies to FOod REgulations 1985 or not 
( apply knowledge spontaneously after the exam)

black pepper chicken chop which came very late

To protect privacy of the escort ♥, i have to do this . If you need the service, pls click here to get more details =) . Disclaimer : His service is minimum RM 100 / hour.

escort : jie jie ... come come ... uuhhmmm ♥
she : ngek ngek ngek ...
she : yumm yumm ... sek sai lei ...  ♥
escort : hou sik leehhh ..... ( swt +*uncalm* )

~ 18 SX  ~

Disclaimer: mY blog do not contain adult contents =D so content remains unpublished 

 chit chat session ♥


did not know what happened ... but there was a story line .. lol 
it is not easy to be an professional escort 

wah..... got jagungs

the girls  
leaving to 2nd round  ♥
lepak in klcc

models appeared again
The Sanctuary , The curve
 can't see?
 one of my  - Kilkenny RM 33/ pt 
buy 1 free 1/2 ( normal hour )
 strawberries missing

 sing again .. 
in this day, I sang happy birthday songs many many many times

 heineken  ♥
 3rd round - sing K ♥♥ !!! woohooo
 another  - kampai 
this is limited edition kampai ice 
 sing so high

K.O. dy ... kira bill 

no battery in fact .. lol ... many funny ♥ stories happened ... wait for another cameragirl to upload the photos ... stay back ♥ =D

back home after 5 AM .. .lols ..... 
played for 12 hours ! 


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