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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Study is a health hazard

I believe every student has no doubt to agree the statement.

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Nowadays, the more and the accurate you can memorize the notes, re-write it in the answer sheet during exam, it does not guarantee you may score excellent but it gives you higher probability to score better, atleast you return what your teacher/lecturer give you although some of them claimed : I do not ask you to re-write all the points to me but you need to explain as well. Okay, we named that as "extra infomation" required to score higher and better. Anyhow mark will not be deducted because they have the "marking scheme".

To have a good brain to memorize, you have to make sure you can cope with stress. Yes, the lecturers then will say that , this is indirectly to prepare our students may work under stress after they graduate . But scientifically shows that stress may weaken our immune system and develop hypertension , or high blood pressure. When our immune system is weak, we could not concentrate in study ! When the blood pressure is elevated, we feel dizzy, and some said they can get short term memory loss. Oh, at here you may see how great is the impact that cause students cannot memorize well. And they score badly.

Then, hypertension is a risk factor to cardiovascular disease, stroke.. etc. When we have heart-related problem, it means it would affect the function of our brain, such as stroke. When stroke attacks, the adverse impact maybe unable to talk, to think , for temporarily. Stroke occurs due to the blockage of the blood supply to the brain and lacks of oxygen. So we can now see that our brain cannot function normally and we cannot study normally too.

Besides that, stress can cause overweight and obesity. Some said they experience weight loss. Those gain weight because they tend to be distract from study so they need food or beverages to concentrate study. But the higher and the more delicious the food is the more concentrate they gain, some said. So they end up eating all high energy and high fat foods which cause them overweight. Besides that, when we study, orthopedic and optimists said  we need to sit straight. Then we have tonnes of books and notes to read, we end up sitting whole day on the chair.

Then some psychologists said that we should not read continously as we gain more tension and optimists again said, our eye muscles need some relaxation. So with the advance of technologies, we used to facebook, msn, google etc to relax both our mind and eyes. Again ,we are sitting... some said they laying ... But none said they are standing or pumping.

A recent study found that, some students who experience long term stress, have allergy to study. Whenever they see the notes, hear the topics, touch with papers, they experienced abdominal pains, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hives, GI irritation, eczema etc. These symptoms are similar to food allergy.

p/s: The tips to sit for final exam,
" be relax 2 days before the paper " ( M.A.G 2011 )


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