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Saturday, April 16, 2011

A letter for my course mates

Dear course mates, 

Time flies, four years of colourful university life have silently come into the end.

Too many memories, too sentimental, too much regrets, too many, too much. Facing the lovely classmates, the faculties, passing by the labs, the lecture halls, the colleges, the library etc ... the feeling is just too strong.

People often say that uni life is the happiest, most enjoyable and most memorable moments. Now my university life has come to an end, unconsciously. I think I agree. We are leaving the lecture halls, the exam halls, the labs, the faculties, the colleges, the notes, the books, the calls, the library etc ... But the real thing to be remained, is every single precious moment we have gone through.

The most tough moment in fyp may over, still remember how hard to get things we want ? Or during the day when we were assigned to the supervisors respectively. The chemicals, the samples, unavailabilities of the equipments etc.. Still remember how tough was the FPD in year 3 ? Lectures mostly at 8am and was rushing for the production daily until late. The presentations, assignments, group discussions etc .. The killing labs during year 2, 3 labs in 5 days weekly , for 10 weeks. The lab reports, never know what the hell was writing, but was copying ...  The crazy exam schedule ever, 4 papers in 5 days, and may continuously, a paper a day. Now we "like" what the juniors "shared" the miserable life comments in facebook, and everytime I  would spend a second and recall, how do we survived from the past :) ? It is really fantastic.

We like to complain, argued with the lecturers, in our hearts :). 
It takes some time to say good bye, because it hurts, it needs some courage, it is the challenge of life. The 1st lecture of our major subject, we were trying hard to get know each other, recognizing this person's face, his/her name etc. Maybe until year 3, yet we still not too close.

But good bye means, we shall meet again next time. Maybe the "next" would be years, but the memories are eternal.



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