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Thursday, April 14, 2011

too much regrets in life

I don't know what to  blog about. Perhaps too little things happened recently, or I was too busy because too many things happened. I found that, I lost the inspiration, what to blog? Life is dull ?  It does not seem that i do not have my life, but it was a little bit ... down.

I went to the the job fair in mid valley today. In fact, we always confuse, why we need higher and higher education ? In the end, this certificate may, or may not truly reflects what is your value, yet it is an entry ticket, can be a good job, can be a good company, or a good pay job etc ...

But who guarantees ? Yes, nobody guarantees. But you got the ticket in your hand. This is insulting, when you claim that a degree is nothing, or a master degree does not really help, holding a SPM result is just nice for you to get the job. This thing happens every second, around and around. 

Exam is killing. You may not need to fully understand, make sure you can memorize well. So ? That's good enough for you to score. 

There is definitely no fairness in life, now I am sure and I'm accepting the truth. When disappointment happens again and again, I do not need to have any expectation. Change, is the only way that works. 

Survival of the fittest, I tend to forget this, which I should not. 

We could not change the environment and the facts, so we change ourself.  Nobody can be calm to face his strong and weakness. Experiences and tribulations bring me more mature but they never easy.

I am lost because I still not find out my real dream. Perhaps, still pursuing something which will never be perfect. Life is short. There is no reason been negative to life.  I recalled what my sv told me, when you looking back the past, it was the road full of tears and pain but now you would loud and proud to say, I walked my way out. But, it is really too many tears ... too hurt .. too pain .

The literature, the road not taken. Until now, well I totally forget about the story, what I know is there is a branched path the person has to decide to go. I think I am the person who always choose one path with less foot prints. Some say, I am just a stubborn girl. Both mental and physically I always want the easiest way but I always ended up in the the hardest. What's wrong with me ? I want simple, peace and easy life. They said dare to try something different, your life would be different too. But for me, the difference is hurts.

I know the real is ugly, very ugly. I start to learn the lecture of life, if you damn dislike, you have to pretend you damn super like it, the person, the words, the thing, the decision.

is my principle yet now I doubt.

someone impressed me with a line, even if you are being treated as a dog, you gonna pretend that you are like god.

Without realizing I type these much, I think the lecturer did inspired me and that's all for the thought of today, maybe it is slighty long.  Good night.


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