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Monday, April 18, 2011


Well ... i am actually scheduling the posts from my Sabah Trip in 2009 . Yes, it is 2009 . Lolz .... I found that before Jun 2009 I have no entry post for that.

Yeah , previously I was in live space, the one you can read now are all I imported from there but mostly craps ... so .. just ignored.

When I edit the photos, of course, very annoying, because a lot ... I dont even bother to edit the effects etc.. just put on the Copyright in the Original photos ( ok.. all photos were not taken by me .. maybe some ? but the nice one definitely not me, but one of the friend, I called him D.N.'s photos) , yet it is time-consuming enough ( hey .. i am now in my final exam wei ..... my last final exam in life... perhaps =p )

But, memories and photos are eternal. 

keep recalling .. 

 the friendship is built , without noticing us :-)

I miss it .

& it taught me, life is not only education or academic.

You learn from every journey, short or long . 

Every path, your footprints were there , and you learnt a lesson,

which your lecturers will not teach you;
you don't find it in the notes you memorized.
You can only understand, by every step you moved, then you got the experience, wholly-owned by yourself.

And I like to share my experiences , to everybody who read my blog.

That's all for today, Thanks for reading :D .


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