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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Start your day with Nestle Mutli Grain Cheerios~

huhu just received the gift from Nestle for participated in a contest from here ...

Yet i have no idea what this product about ... is this good ? or not good ? 
The multi grains included : corn + rice + wheat + oats + barley ~ yeah sounds healthy ?
read further ~

it claims :
There are 2 packs in 1 box 
 opened up ... so cute ..  

i found that the nutritional label is interesting .. 

when you consume with full cream milk ..rom 0mg cholesterol > 15.9 mg cholesterol,from the full cream milk ...

it is crunchy, not too sweet like other cereals.... but after taste you will feel slightly hot in your mouth ... so ... i don't really like .. maybe that is the reason you serve with some liquids ..


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