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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i am Boss of My boss ! haha ~

I paid for my boss yesterday, a lunch in Alamanda, putrajaya ~ Black Canyon Coffee

As we used to say, there is no free lunch in the world, he did not own a photo of him for the whole lunch .. ( no free photographer ) .. muahaha because he did not pay
a groupmate of mine

we should drive him .. but 

coffee drinks - one of  their signature beverages


 ice blended chocolate
 ice mocha

 teriyaki chicken 
 chicken chop
 spicy tom yam
7of us paid for it ..
I: dr u so materialistic la.. next time buy 4me too.. heee
dr: xD

yet still not enough to pay one of his Levi's pant... oh no ........ ....... no wonder he showed he has RM1 cash in his wallet only before we're heading to the restaurant .. he "invested" to Levi's within 3 minutes ......

Done !

 p/s: well .. to sayang him , few days later we went to his room to take photo with him.. haha .. click here


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