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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today is a busy day! Last Day > photo taking with beloved f00d scientists & SV

 Today was definitely a special day, last day of March 2011, last day of lecture in 4 years of food science, first time we gathered as early as 8 am to have mcD breakfast, bangi. Again .. in March .... A wonderful day yet a little bit of upset.

the queue was even out of the entrance till car park ..
perhaps Malaysian have change eating breakfast habit .. 
( but.. in a fast food restaurant ? )

The last lecture was definitely too, FUN ! We played GAME. Yes, 3 hours of game ! No writing, no thinking, no memorizing ! FREE & FUN !

 these people.... when i took out my camera, 
all are ready posed... 
my turn to take group photo with Dr...
The games.
Provided by MMU

 so fun until they hentam their head on the table ?

 with "adik"

 the extinct spesies 
 sei yehs

 rojak combination
sausage & collagen group 
what a nice lab .... with so many LCD 
 unfortunately, it does not belong to us ... 
due to the last lunch we did not have a photo with him and i teased him in mail .. then we dealed to have one .. but even photo taking also need to appointment ..because this whole week is a super busy week for him (deadline submission of master thesis)
 exhausted face
(some said we wear the same .. haha ! perfect match .. )
not satisfy at all ... 
 ended up take photo with his door .. 
what a pity supervisee 
( We will APPeal for re-take! )
then we kacau the next door.. dr. comel 
went to print the final draft ...
damn ...
i spent rm 30 , for color printing only , for 1 set only .........
wt ......
i feel so pain .. both wallet and heart 
so much $ to spend not even complete the final binding
wealth ????? what wealth ?  ( oh .. he pandai use symbol now)
he better invests me and my wealth will come even faster 
& lastly , went to PK. 2nd last check ..
will return next month before grad .. heee


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