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Thursday, March 17, 2011


I miss my soul mate .... Soul mate, how to define .. in fact.. i am not so sure too .. 灵魂伴侣 ?

how many out there could meet their soulmate ? some said soul mate is self-imagination ..

well .. i agree .. basically a soul mate always can read your mind, know your needs, and love you. Hold on.

Don't think of your lovers at first place, it can be your father, your mother or your family members what.

Who else in this world, know you more than your family members do ? Think twice.

ok.. of course the soul mate I mentioned in 1st line does not refer to any of my family members.

I am officially done the mid sem exam. Relieved yet feeling uncomfortable. Worries, panic, lost etc..

TOday is already another half of March 2011 .    

50-50 . Things are done 50%.. another 50% to complete.

Study life is done 50%, another 50% to be done within 2 months.

After study for .. hmm ... 18 years? or I will end " my job " as a Student after 23 years ++ .. i don't know how many % are that in my life.... but i think it has to be VSS for some time.

The man who owns power or money in the world would ask, how does a certificate pays you ? How does your working experience pays you ? Do you need some pay ?

If your answers are: Yes,... ; Yes, ...; No, ... So you are ready to get more certificates in your life.

If your answers are : No. No. Yes. Please work hard. You will be paid.  But if you want to be paid more, work smart.

Thus I need to work hard yet smart. Certificates are last long, but who cares? Of course no harm to get more ... but when that is not something make me proud of, that is merely a piece of paper which reminds me, I am just a paper, may be recycled, eventually in a trash. I foresee mine ..

And then ?  Question marks all over my head right now .. blanked.

BAck to soul mate ....

finally i have time to explore the apps i downloaded in my phone. i believe many people being disturbed by me today , hehehe ... because i have time to sit down, to "reconnect" with them. I miss your what .... blerrkk ..

A story to share after the "reconnection" :

One day, Friendship meets Love. Love asked Friendship, The world has me, why you still exists ?

Friendship smiles and tells : Love would make human cr, but the existing of Friendship is to help human to wipe their tears.

Friends are, sometimes, worry about you, care about you, concern about you, hope that you are happy, wish to make you happy, and let you worryless. Between friends, caring is appreciated... When you are sad, just tell Friend. When you are suffer, please tell Friend. When you are sick, don't forget to inform Friend. WHen you are in trouble, please ask for Friend. When you desperate, think of Friend, think of me. When you are happy, never ever forget about me. The definition of Friend, there is it. We are Friends, more than enough.
有一天,友情和爱情碰见。爱情问友情:世上有我了,为什么还要有你的存在?友情笑着说:爱情会让人们流泪,而友情的存在就是帮人们擦干眼泪!朋友就是:偶 尔会为你担心、向你关心、替你懆心、想你开心、逗你开心、请你放心。朋友之间,懂得关怀才是难得……伤心时不妨和我说;痛苦时别忘了跟我讲;有病时别忘了 通知我;困难时记得要请教我;失望时要想起还有我;开心时更不要忘记我。朋友的定义,就在于此……我们是朋友,这就够了……

p/s: my translation is poor... I tried my best.

p/p/s: actually i had bad dream of a  friend of mine....but I couldn't tell him yet i am so guilty. I hope the dream never come true ... ( because my bad dreams used to become true ) .. that's scary


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