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Sunday, March 20, 2011

How would you explain Nuclear Problem to younger kids ?

This is so meaningful and I salute to the Jp media... They aware, they care and they did it.

The clip is to educate and broadcast what is the issue of nuclear problem in Jp to their young generation.  I repeat, to the young generation , the kids.

It amazed me ... I dont know how to explain my feeling but in this critical moment, an educational video clip to inform the kids came out, just to tell their citizens what had happened in their country ...

Have you ever think how to explain nuclear power, nuclear power plant, Chernobyl Disaster,  etc to your nieces/ nephews/ younger cousins ? well, maybe we, ourself also not so sure what are that actually .. ahaha ...

somehow I think if one day, any tiny issue happened in our country , not to talk about such clip prior, I wonder do our government able to solve the issue, do we have that ability ?  We are too comfortable with anything and we do not have good culture behavior like Japanese too.

Maybe i am just slight pessimistic .


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