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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

it can be happiee ^^.. or sCarY !

emailed and chit chat to my supervisor last night  as yesterday was his last lecture with us and had group discussion with my thesis groupmates as well .. to update the progress & showed him the "hard work" of the "good babies" ... in the last p/p/s note ... i admitted my mistake before he teased again ... hehe .. and p/p/p/s note .. we wouldn't meet him until the exam next month ... no more kacau from anak manja .. but to be "good", i ended the line with "don't feel empty when we are not around anymore" ... muahaahha

then in the early morning .. he texted me: your draft is "ready to pick up" ..

pinned at his soft board .. mine and my groupmate's
"a burden work" being picked up .... 
and he gave me "GOOD".... hahahahha it just like when you get marking of your exercise book during primary school .. sometimes you'll get extra footnote at the bottom .... heee .. somehow this "word" seems so familiar.. i think i got it too from somewhere else before this .. haha ... maybe he already gave me "good" previously in other works .... i can't recall ...

after the 1st few pages.. the rest of the papers were drawed .....

cakar ayam
 haha ..  i found "tick" ..
because i said, if you left the page unmarked, i assume you didn't read !

but since it is already 2nd draft, and therefore he wrote there "minor correction" .. haha ... don't get him wrong, "minor" isn't minor ... still a lot to edit ...

i got headache now :{ .......................

to be updated regarding a talk from scholarship sponsor 

p/s: whole body in pain ! went to redeem the online purchase slimming treatment... oh no ... ladies .... if you never try, my advise is " do exercise is more effective, free and painfulless " !


dblchin (double chin) said...

cheerrrrrr up hunny!!! take a cuppa tea & relax... HAve a great day yea~

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