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Monday, February 28, 2011

g00d news

this morning couldn't sleep well , woke up at 5am ... just feel something uncalm ...

was rushing doing some tasks yesterday yet still incomplete ...

but then as sun rise ... the "good news" arrived into my phone =D ~~~  finally we are relieved ~~~ =D  & i started to ee oo eee o him again .. muahaha ...

2 lecturers had cancelled their lectures this week ... it seems that we are so free .... but next week definitely suffering as there will be class replacement and midsem. A few are asking whether my sv's class tomorrow will be cancelled too or not ... thus i sent him a mail.

he texted me in the afternoon  that " tmrw will have lecture . Tq " ..

just checked my mail ... and saw this ... haha  .. 1st time i saw his text in CAPITAL & BOLD .... this man really ... /swt

updated: i need to HIGHLIGHT  "good news" , as the title is good news ... because my friends said they don't get the point .. hahhah got it now ? no ? read more >


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