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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 VS 2011

There are so many for me to conclude for year 2010, a year where I grow a lot .. day to day, week to week and month to month. I don't see I become stronger, tougher or smarter.

I experienced the most sucked moment in life, up to now when I'm still alive . From the last day of 2009 to 1st day of 2010 .. the miserable life ...

They might bored to know about it, as I always put beside my mouth.

Because they never know how sucked was that. I can't control myself from recalling it from time to time, because it was just too unforgettable.

2010 is a tough year & soon it was just a tough year.

After a down life in the early half of the 2010, the sweetest ever moment happens in the another half end of 2010.

Life changed, from July. The first moment when I was being luckily drawed to own my current FYP's supervisor.

The July-

I was trying to get know who is my supervisor, or my mentor, or simple ever, the lecturer.

The passion of working, the strong determination, have driven me to work, to commit, to be responsible towards what is in our hands. ehhh i try my best la...

The August -

The new friend.
Well.. I got, or most of us got a new friend.. hehe ... later ... the friend. without noticing, became our "abang" ..

To get know a stranger, it takes a long time, probably atleast 3 years.
To get know a friend, it takes 3 days.
To get know an "abang", it takes a SMS.

1st of Sept 2010 -

This was the day.

We were just like the 1st year students, who were being called to present for the TITAS or HE... oh damn! I'm gonna present ! OMG ! what is thattttttttt ...........

Somehow just feel that everything is well-planned by GOD. Akong was the 1st lecturer, followed by papa.

End of Sept, lab works started.

The October -

Well .. the killing final exam month ...

everybody loves yet hates !

Again, it built the blocks of relationship between my supervisor and me.

The Novermber- the nightmare returned.

I believe hard works atleast worth something, deserved for atleast something, a very little; But the lesson taught me that in real it was not necessary yes

The whole month was dark & sorrow.. nomatter how they comforted, how they explained, all did not work at all.

It takes time to relieve.

Until akong gave me another way , totally out of the circle, then only I jumped out from the sorrow.

Until papa showed in front of me what he has committed, then only I walked out from the sorrow.

The December - To achieve the milestone.

I was so worried, everyday keeps reminding my papa ( not myself =p), that my milestone was not achieve, although it should be achieved by myself ... lolxxxxxxxxx

In the last day of  2010 ( as PM declared, 30 DEc 2010 is the official last working day for all Malaysians ), finally, I had achieved it, last but not least, I'd done the "mission" too ............

The best month of the year. Attended and enjoyed for a few great lunches & dinners. The "lunch meetings" or "dinner lectures", unforgettable.

Wooh00000oooooo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ yaY yay yAy !!!!!!!!!!!

GOOD BYE 2010 , the WooHoo yeaR !!!!

my Rabbit year ~~ 2 2 2 ~~~


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